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Social Security Article For Capital Gazette

Thanks to the Capital Gazette for posting my article on four things to know about Social Security.  It was picked up by the BaltimoreSun which I also appreciate.  Social Security is important and will be even more important as the population ages.  Here is a link to the article: BaltimoreSun Article

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Financial Literacy – Why Latest Global Data Is Alarming

I would like to post a thank you here to Nerdwallet,, Christian Science and finally for first posting my article on global financial literacy and then syndicating it to the other three sites.  The study that came out that I wrote about was fascinating so I wanted to summarize the data and [...]

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Brian Appears as a Guest on Martha Austin’s Radio Show

Martha Austin is a consultant to federal employees through her business Check out the radio show here -

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9 Important Ages for Retirement Planning – Appears on

My article entitled 9 Important Ages For Retirement Planning appeared on and was picked up by a variety of other sites like Yahoo Finance, MSN, and  Here's the first few paragraphs and then a link to the article. Thinking about the rest of your life — especially in terms of your finances — [...]

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Your Future Your Finances Videos

Your Future Your Finances is a TV show hosted by Brian Kuhn in Montgomery County MD and placed online after each episode airs.  The embedded segments are here:  

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AOA Releases Updated Aging Demographic Statistics Through 2014

Within the Department of Health and Human Services of the federal government there is an organization called the Administration on Aging and also one called the Administration for Community Living. Both conduct various programs and studies on our nation’s aging population and recently updated their data to include the year 2014. Below are a variety [...]

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BP Releases Energy Outlook 2035 Report

The BP Energy Outlook for 2035 appears to bring about many changes in the Energy industry that will affect investment strategies in big American businesses. According to this outlook, there are three very important aspects to remember when discussing the future of energy. First of all, global trade patterns involving natural resources are shifting, and [...]

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Article on the MD state partnership plan

Thank to Ed McCarthy for his use of my input to write the article on below on long term care and the Maryland state partnership plan.

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5 Major Retirement Decisions You Need to Make

As we enter the New Year some households ponder their retirement plans and how the rest of their lives are going to play out.  Retirement is a popular notion but others don’t want to consider it by that name as they enjoy working and presume they always will.  Positioning themselves to be in control of their finances [...]

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MD Spotlight Segment on WMAR

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