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Minnesota Department of Health’s Findings on Paid Leave

When families are able to care for one another it strengthens the entire community. Healthy individuals, families and communities are the foundation of well-functioning, productive societies. The policies that are available in the work place are called paid leave which is a key contributor, because it creates the opportunity for family members to provide care [...]

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AOA Releases Updated Aging Demographic Statistics Through 2014

Within the Department of Health and Human Services of the federal government there is an organization called the Administration on Aging and also one called the Administration for Community Living. Both conduct various programs and studies on our nation’s aging population and recently updated their data to include the year 2014. Below are a variety [...]

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Estate Planning Contribution to Paladin Registry

I want to thank the Paladin Registry for publishing my latest article on estate planning basics.  Here is the link to the article.  Paladin Registry is a directory of financial advisers available to new clients and a content provider of personal finance topics.  Click here for the article: Article Here is the first paragraph: Articles [...]

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