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The Beginner’s Guide to Investing for Millennials

Millennials are those born in American between 1981 and 1996. It hasn’t always been that specific of a birth range. In the past it has varied from a few years before 1981 to a few years after 1996. However in March of 2018 the Pew Research Center put out a report defining officially this birth [...]

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Great Investment For Those Looking To Retire Early

Had enough of the rat race? Eager to follow your passions of travel, volunteering or sleeping in? Jealous of your grandparents? Then maybe it’s time to retire early. To get to this stage of your life you need a how, meaning assets, health, planning and so on. You also need a when. Read More [...]

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What is the S&P500 Article For

  The S&P500 is a prevalent index in the investing world today.  So for the website I wrote an article entitled what is the S&P500?  It's important to understand what it is but also how it changes over time.  The article includes details on this topic, called turnover.  Here's the link: S&P500 Article

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Trust is Sometimes How You Look

There are only so many ways you can position your assets to map out the rest of your life correctly. There are also only so many other steps necessary in the financial planning process. So beyond certain belief systems like whether to put a lot of faith in the stock market long term, or alternatively [...]

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Summary of Recent White Paper Called Behavioral Economics: Factors that affect clients’ economic decisions

Although the study of Economics is considered a science and has many undoubted truths, the art of investing is not something easily mastered. For this reason, clients who invest often are burdened with uncertainty and make irrational decisions based on emotion. This white paper discusses six factors that affect clients’ ultimate decision when entering the [...]

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BP Releases Energy Outlook 2035 Report

The BP Energy Outlook for 2035 appears to bring about many changes in the Energy industry that will affect investment strategies in big American businesses. According to this outlook, there are three very important aspects to remember when discussing the future of energy. First of all, global trade patterns involving natural resources are shifting, and [...]

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Commentary on Fixed Income Outlook by Putnam Investments

Putnam Investment recently put out their Fixed Income Outlook for 2015.  They had some interesting things to say about the investment environment going forward.  Below is a summary of some of the highlights, either summarized or taken directly from the report.  The full report is available for download here. They remain optimistic the growth of [...]

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