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Enhancing Incentives for America’s Aging Workers

By: Allison Eatough, Contributor Older Americans are working longer than ever before1. According to the U.S. Department of Labor2, people age 55 and over represented 11.9 percent of the nation’s workforce in 1994. By 2014, that number jumped to 21.7 percent, and by 2024, it’s projected to reach almost 25 percent. The workforce participation rate [...]

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5 Ways to Look Ahead to Next Year’s Taxes

Just finishing your tax return for 2015 and it’s not looking too good? Well there isn’t much you can do to fix last year’s return now but here are 5 ideas you can start looking into to make sure 2016 is a better year between you and the IRS. Number 1 Increase retirement plan contributions [...]

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What is the S&P500 Article For

  The S&P500 is a prevalent index in the investing world today.  So for the website I wrote an article entitled what is the S&P500?  It's important to understand what it is but also how it changes over time.  The article includes details on this topic, called turnover.  Here's the link: S&P500 Article

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Personal Finance: What if Social Security disappeared?

Article written for The Capital Gazette about Social Security.  See more here -

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New guidelines on accessing your TSP money

Article written for about federal employees and the Thrift Savings Plan. See more here -

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How to Take Advantage of the Roller Coaster Stock Market

Article written for about the volatility of the markets. See more at -

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Consider All Options Before Leaving For The Private Sector

Article written for about things to consider when leaving the federal government for the private sector. - See more at:

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5 Paths to Health Insurance If You Leave Federal Employment

Article written for about health insurance as you approach retirement. See more at:

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New Post From Brian Kuhn on Social Security at

Here is the latest article published on by Brian Kuhn on Social Security taxation. 

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10 Ways To Find an Old 401(k) Plan

Recently I wrote an article for entitled 10 Ways To Find An Old 401(k) Plan.  Here's the link to the article.  Link    

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