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What is financial planning? What it should not be is simply someone meeting you for the first time and immediately telling you what’s wrong with the way you are investing your money. Financial planning is supposed to be a long-term process of identifying, quantifying, and measuring over time the progress towards all of your life’s goals that relate to money. In that context it sounds like a lot of work, and frankly it is.  Identifying your goals for example might include goals you didn’t know existed but once brought up in a planning session become important milestones to reach.

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Completing a Will and Medical Directive could be an example of this. While not having anything to do really with how your money is invested, and the drafting of such documents isn’t something specifically done by a financial planner it would be an attorney, it’s an important step in your life planning process and once identified as a to item should then go on your planner’s goals for you as well. When ideally you can retire, how much life insurance and what type to carry, arranging a budget to find efficiency in your cash flow, improving your credit scores, protecting your identity, verifying you are in the right type of mortgage and paying an amount that will free you from that debt by the time of retirement are all additional examples. And there are even others like helping one’s parents age gracefully, seeing your children enter and exit college in a sound financial footing, understanding the risks of long term care as you age, maintaining your home to maximize its value, document all of this financial wisdom for the next generation and even health insurance planning can fall into the category of financial planning and financial goal making. Then there is the process of quantifying those goals. You want to retire by 65? Under what scenario? Is there part time work you actually enjoy doing planning beyond that, or would you be done? Are we moving at that point or staying in the home we have grown accustomed? And so on as to drill down your unique circumstances.

What’s also important about explaining these topics that should be part of a financial planning process, and aren’t just ancillary items after transferring investments around to someone else’s management, is that they all matter regardless of your financial well being.  People with a lot of money and those with modest accumulated savings all should discuss each of these topics above.  Every household matters and has a right to an outside perspective on their concerns.  Every household has a right to a financial planner’s best attempt at helping them reach all of their realistic goals in life.

Finally measuring progress toward those goals is simply a process of regular meetings where numbers are updated and the goals assessed.  Sometimes the goals become closer or further away based on their own increased cost compared to what was assumed.  However just as often through these measurement meetings the financial planner and client find out that the goals have changed, or at least adjusted.  Maybe you don’t want to move form your home at retirement any longer.  Maybe you got a new boss and your job turned from a source of frustration to a form of inspiration, or vice versa.  Sometimes goals change out of necessity.  Children may cause this, needing shelter and support longer than anticipated.  Regardless of the circumstances the process should be the same, an open forum, number crunching, dignity, and a thorough independent outside perspective for your reflection.

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