Our job as planners is to make the process of financial decisions as easy as possible so you can focus on your family, career and personal goals.  We work together regardless of your net worth to develop the to do list that will assure your progress.  We meet clients over the phone, at our office, in your home, at your office, over a video conference, or at a location within a network of available meeting places we maintain.  We offer evening hours as necessary and offer a free consultation.  By free we mean we offer to meet just to get to know each other.  There will not be a sales pitch, form to sign or requirement to move forward.  If you would like meet beyond that or develop a relationship we will explain how that would work.

Nothing is required for you to bring to the first appointment unless you want to, as we welcome the opportunity to just have a conversation.  Perhaps we can help you, or perhaps it is actually best if you first meet with an affiliated profession like a CPA, estate attorney, debt counselor and so on.  In which case we offer to help you find the best fit in that profession and in some cases even attend the first meeting together.  Just have a question for us?  Feel free to ask.  We look forward to hearing from you.