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Total Compensation - Brian Kuhn Books

Total Compensation – Brian Kuhn

Brian has authored two books on personal finance.  The first is called Total Compensation: A Practical Guide to Federal Employee Benefits.  For federal employees looking for a basic understanding of their benefits, and trying to make sure they are setting themselves up for a transition into retirement, even if it’s far away, this is a handy guide.

It is available for sale at Amazon and on Kindle.  Click the book for it’s profile on Amazon, and a link to the Goodreads profile.








The Personal Finance Handbook - Brian Kuhn Books

The Personal Finance Handbook – Brian Kuhn

Successful financial planning requires specialized knowledge—without which it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM and author Brian Kuhn focuses on helping middle-income Americans reach their financial goals. His clear, straightforward advice makes The Personal Finance Handbook the perfect reference tool for anyone interested securing their future.

Kuhn reveals the importance of proper estate planning, how to approach investment and retirement savings, and how to maintain and improve your credit rating. You’ll also learn how to avoid identity theft and what to do if you—or your child—become a victim.

Designed with beginners in mind, The Personal Finance Handbook is like a monetary cookbook—pick it up whenever you need a recipe for financial success, whether you’re saving for college, in the market for a new car, or planning an investment strategy.