There are only so many ways you can position your assets to map out the rest of your life correctly. There are also only so many other steps necessary in the financial planning process. So beyond certain belief systems like whether to put a lot of faith in the stock market long term, or alternatively to take cover under the safe income producing options of annuities, how are individuals to decide who to choose for their financial planner?

Sometimes it’s the brand they stand under and the strength and history it represents. Sometimes it is price and sometimes it’s the intricacy or entertainment value of the presentation itself. “We utilize a core satellite approach of smart beta ETFs as our underlying base and a tactical manager rotation including alternative managers to fill in the necessary asset sleeves”. Sounds good right?

I bet more often than is realized though, and sometimes not even known to the person making the decision, one’s life savings are situated by their choice of planner due to things like style, appearance and grooming. What someone looks like and their mannerisms determines a great deal of the trust that is developed while creating a financial plan. Are they well dressed? Are their nails groomed? Do they care to take care of themselves like you hope they will take care of your money?

In personal finance the recommendations are often clear after the number crunching that goes into one’s circumstances. The needs and financial to do list that forms is often self-evident. But having the confidence to look someone in the eye and apply for the job of completing them takes practice, education, experience, support, but it also takes pride in one’s appearance.

Brian Kuhn CFP® is a financial planner with PSG Clarity – a division of Planning Solutions Group in Fulton, MD. He has worked in financial services for the last 14 years, and authored the book, “Total Compensation: A Practical Guide to Federal Employee Benefits”. In the coming months he looks forward to announcing the release of his second book, “The Personal Finance Handbook”. Also he hosts, “Your Future Your Finances” a TV show on MMC devoted to personal finance and personal development. He is available for a consultation through his website

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